Why use an online estate agent

Online estate agents aren’t much different to high street estate agents, but they do come with several advantages that you wouldn’t get from a selling your property with a high street estate agent.

With an online estate agent, you would do all of your talking either online or over the phone. It’s very rare to meet your online estate agent face-to-face, but not entirely impossible. Having your estate agent online means that it’s easier and quicker for you to get hold of them when you have a question or a concern, and they’re usually readily available outside of typical working hours during the week.

An online estate agent is able to book all of your house viewings in for you using the schedule that you provide them. In regard to house viewings, this is all they will do for you. It is not the job of an online estate agent to perform physical house viewings. In fact, as the homeowner, all house viewing appointments will be up to you to conduct for your potential buyers. This means that you have full control over what days and times people can view your house, and you’ll always be home when a viewing happens. No one knows your home better than you do, making you the best person to tell a potential buyer all about the history of the house, and any renovations that you’ve made to it while you’ve lived there.

It’s often cheaper to market your home through an online estate agent. Because online estate agents don’t usually have any office bases, all of their marketing is done through their own website, and other property sites like Rightmove and Zoopla. These sites are often the first port of call for new buyers, as they’re looking for quick access to properties and easy pre-viewing information (for photos, room dimensions, and prices).

Online estate agents will tell you your fees upfront, and you’ll be expected to pay them as soon as possible. This is a good way to ensure that there are no hidden costs, or that there’s a bill that you’ve forgotten about that you’ll have to pay later. You should, of course, still check that any price package you’ve been offered includes everything you need to sell your property; but this is no different to using a high street estate agent.

Online estate agents will keep you updated over the phone, or by email, which is much more convenient that having to make repeated appointments to a high street estate agent’s office for an update or to look at a contract. Online estate agents are willing to email over any information that you need.Finally, online estate agents will be able to help negotiate price offers before contacting you about any offers that potential buyers are putting on the table. If you want to reject the offer, or haggle with the potential buyer a little further, you can have an online estate agent do this for you. Similarly, they can also accept offers on your behalf, but only once you’ve given permission.