A Guide to Clear Your Doubt Regarding Rental Rebate of HST

An HST rental rebate is nothing but a certain amount of rebate for the rental properties. Any landlord who is buying a new home, where the first occupant is a tenant is applicable for the rebate. There are many eligibility criteria for the HST rental rebate. The intention of the rental accommodation of land must be for long-term use.

Eligibility criteria for HST rebate for rental

The eligibility criteria for the HST rental rebate include the following points:

  • It is eligible for the landlord buying a new construction or a renovated residential rental property. The rental property may also be substantially renovated.
  • Landlord building your personal residential rental property.
  • An addition made by the landlord to multiple units of a residential complex of rental type.

  • This include builder who is accounting for the HST/GST under the rules of self-supply. This is because of the selling and leasing the residential unit to the individual under a written agreement. The type of agreement is single written agreement. Moreover, it is only available when the individual can claim the new housing rebate.
  • This include person who is accounting for the HST/GST under the rules of self-supply. They may also account under the change-in-use rules. This is because of the exempted lease of land which you made for the residential purpose. It may include the rental of a site. The site may be in a residential trailer park.

Which rebate can you claim for the new HST residential rental property along with the required documents

When you are purchasing a new rental property from any builder you will be paying the HST. This may also be a substantially renovated property. As a residential landlord, you are not eligible for claiming the input tax credit (ITC). The ITC recovers the HST paid or payable during the purchasing of a residential complex.

If there is an accounting on the self-supply of the complex, then there will be an exemption of HST. Exemption of HST takes place because of the long-term residential leases. But you can easily claim the NRRP rebate. The full form of NRRP rebate is the new residential rental property rebate.

You have to provide the information of document for each application type of the previous section. They may even deny the rebate because of some points. The points include incomplete form, incorrect calculation of rebate or if there is no proper submission of requested document with NRRP application.